Make your home greener

Join our online challenge to help make your household better for our planet, our community, and you! Complete one-week challenges to earn badges and level up your home's sustainability.

  • Choose your own adventure of challenges that are right for you

  • Add on optional mini side quests to tackle quick wins around the house and explore Kirkland's natural spaces

  • Play on your own or with the whole family

Earn badges for taking action

Level up your home action by action

Choose your own adventure

During the Challenge, you'll complete actions to earn badges. For each badge, you'll have three choices of activities so you can pick the difficulty that's right for you. Actions are free or just a few bucks, and there are options whether you rent or own. Choose to complete two, four, or all six challenges. Take action at your own pace - you'll have access to the content for two months.

  • Waste Warrior: make less waste

  • Bonus Life: reuse and repair

  • Scrap Happy: put food to good use

  • Power Up: save energy

  • Teamwork: pitch in to the community

  • Salmon Defender: prevent pollution

  • Eco Adventurer: explore the outdoors

Join the Challenge

Make your home healthier, save money, and help the planet

The Green Home Challenge

Level up your family's sustainability this spring

  • 1

    Welcome to the Challenge!

    • How the Green Home Challenge works

    • Download your gameboard

    • Invite friends and family!

  • 2

    Challenge 1: Combat Waste

    • Your Waste Warrior challenge options

    • Option 1: Banish junk mail

    • Option 2: Vanquish paper towels

    • Option 3: Pack a Zero Waste kit

    • Waste Mini Quest #1: Charge Up

    • Earn your Waste Warrior badge!

  • 3

    Challenge 2: Save the Scraps

    • Your Scrap Happy challenge options

    • Option 1: Transform food into soil

    • Option 2: Craft a meal plan

    • Option 3: Deduce food waste culprits

    • Food Waste Mini Quest #1: Scrumptious Scraps

    • Food Waste Mini Quest #2: Eat Me First

    • Earn your Scrap Happy badge!

  • 4

    Challenge 3: Defend Salmon

    • Your Salmon Defender challenge options

    • Option 1: Cast out caustic cleaners

    • Option 2: Rethink pesticides

    • Option 3: Re-route roof runoff

    • Pollution Mini Quest #1: Mulch Up

    • Pollution Mini Quest #2: Wash Pro

    • Earn your Salmon Defender badge!

  • 5

    Challenge 4: Power Up

    • Your Power Up challenge options

    • Option 1: Speed run your shower

    • Option 2: Hunt down energy vampires

    • Option 3: Bar the door to energy waste

    • Resource Saver Mini Quest #1: Cool It

    • Resource Saver Mini Quest #2: Measure Up

    • Earn your Power Up badge!

  • 6

    Challenge 5: Get a Bonus Life

    • Your Bonus Life challenge options

    • Option 1: Conquer the closet monster

    • Option 2: Declutter one space

    • Option 3: Fix what's broken

    • Repair Mini Quest #1: Look for Leaks

    • Earn your Bonus Life badge!

  • 7

    Challenge 6: Join the team!

    • Your Teamwork challenge options

    • Option 1: Cut back the car

    • Option 2: Speak up for the planet

    • Option 3: Help our habitat

    • Teamwork Mini Quest #1: Shoreline Selfie

    • Earn your Teamwork badge!

  • 8

    Mini Quests: Adventures

    • Outdoor Mini Quest #1: Explore a New Park

    • Outdoor Mini Quest #2: Count the Birds

    • Outdoor Mini Quest #3: Visit a Park, Carless

    • Outdoor Mini Quest #4: Share a Tree

    • Outdoor Mini Quest #5: Sketch It

    • Earn your Eco Adventurer badge!

  • 9

    Wrapping Up the Challenge

    • How was the Green Home Challenge?


  • How does the Green Home Challenge work?

    The Green Home Challenge is made up of themed challenges. For each challenge, you'll choose from three options for a small project or daily activity to complete at home. Pick the difficulty level that’s right for you.

  • How long is the Green Home Challenge?

    We suggest aiming to complete one challenge a week. Choose to complete two, four, or six challenges to earn your desired level. You'll have access to the Challenge for two months so you have time to complete everything even if you miss a couple weeks.

  • Who should take the Green Home Challenge?

    The Green Home Challenge is for anyone who wants to make their household more sustainable. Whether you rent or own, there will be actions you can complete. The challenge is designed for adults, but you're welcome to play along as a family.

  • What will I do in the Challenge?

    You'll choose from activities like hunting down energy vampires, banishing junk mail, and casting out dangerous cleaning products.

  • I've done the Green Home Challenge before, should I participate again?

    The format is a little different this year, since you'll choose your own adventure from a pool of options. Some of the options will be from past Challenges, while others may be new. Feel free to pick and choose just the new activities you're interested in, or just complete the Mini Quests.

  • I don't live in Kirkland, can I participate?

    Absolutely! All of the actions are able to be completed no matter where you live. We welcome our neighbors in Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell and beyond to join in!

What past participants thought

It’s been fun to see what small and fairly easy changes we have been able to make so far to become more green. 

It was helpful to have tasks in writing with suggestions on how to accomplish them! 

Great ideas and simple steps to make positive changes for the environment :)

Go green at home

Whether you're just getting started or you're an avid recycler, you can level up with the Green Home Challenge!